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game of cat and mouse that the u.s. is fighting against drug smugglers. >>> "america at the crossroads." tonight why america's losing some of the best and brightest and how to keep them here. >>> and tired of it all. alarming news about a problem that impairs our economy, our health, our jobs, actually puts us in danger. "nightly news" begins us in danger. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the president of the united states is now on record. the longtime libyan leader needs to leave and change must now come to libya. this is how the president put it at the white house today. >> let me just be very unambiguous about this. colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. that is good for his country. it is good for his people. it's the right thing to do. >> of course, that brings us to the question about how to do that, how to finish what the libyan uprising has started. there's growing support for a so-called no-fly zone, but the defense secretary continues to warn americans that would first mean a u.s. air attack on libya
, the twin crises around the globe. in libya, an aerial barrage launched by the u.s. and other countries. president obama again making the case for why the u.s. went in, but how does it end? >>> in japan, the disaster deepens with new problems at the nuclear plant. there are new fears about food safety and an american family has received the worst possible news about their daughter. our teams are on the ground. "nightly news" begins now. ightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. in addition to two wars on two other fronts, the united states military tonight is engaged against libya. the attacks are in the form of air strikes. 32 of them in just the last 24 hours. about half now being carried out by u.s. aircraft. and there have been 136 cruise missiles launched. only eight of them by british armed forces. the rest launched by the u.s. they have hit targets up and down the libyan coastline, mostly aimed at libyan defenses, so the coalition aircraft can begin enforcing that no-fly zone over a larger portion of the country. the united states sa
was going to say. >>> on the broadcast tonight, closing in on gadhafi. there's talk of u.s. military options against him. and now for hordes of people, now's the time to get out of there. >>> a collision course in wisconsin with time running out. tonight, is there a deal to end the standoff? >>> america at the crossroads. all week long our reports here on america's changing economy. tonight, are we keeping up in the search for the next big thing? >>> and the winner is -- the good, the bad and the ugly at this year's oscars. and the amazing story behind the man behind the best picture. and the amazing story behind the man behind the best picture. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the situation in libya is now a lot more serious where the u.s. is concerned. u.s. navy ships are being readied for a number of possible options here including possibly enforcing a no-fly zone. moammar gadhafi spoke again today on two television networks an interview the u.s. immediately called delusional. all this time the forces against him are closing in. we
and western attacks from the air, and we talk to the u.s. general in charge. >>> under control. a new breed of air traffic controllers tang over with fresh questions about safety still in the air. >>> and hanging tough. brave new worries about the crippled nuclear plant, but we find survivors of the japanese disaster giving everyone a lesson in resilience. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm lester holt in tonight for brian williams. for a seventh straight day the u.s. and the allies bombarded targets in libya, still trying to break the back of moammar gadhafi's assault on rebel-held cities. the u.s. for its part says it's prepared to take a back seat, but exactly what the ultimate goal is and even who's in charge of this operation are still somewhat ill defined tonight. nato says it plans to take full command, but is still seeking consensus on a military strategy. in a moment we'll hear from the general in charge of u.s. forces there, but first to the ground where rebels are taking their own fight to gadhafi's forces. today nbc's r
that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato, an obama diplomatic win. but many in congress warn president obama not to send u.s. ground troops to depose gadhafi, who is said to be in this car today. >> yes, we want him out. no, we don't want to do it at the enormous cost of military invasion. >> reporter: the president has to justify taking sides in what some see as a civil war. >> will america's commitment & end in days, not weeks, as the president promised? >> reporter: defense secretary gates admitted on "meet the press," libya is not vital. >> no, i don't think it's vital interests for the united states, but we clearly have interests there, and it's a part of the recently, which is a vital interest for the united states. >> reporter: a region in chaos, uprisings in egypt, syria, bahrain, jordan, might the president commit the u.s. military elsewhere. libya's already cost about $1 billion. with no clear end in sight. >>> tonight, some u.s. naviville vessels are reported to be pulling out of the mediterranean. tomorrow, u.s. allies meet about libya. the plan is to put pressure
caoadcast fo. "nbc nightly news" is next. >>> on the broadcast tonight, who's in charge? is the u.s. about to hand over control of the attack on libya? and tonight what may be the next nation to go in that region. >>> changing face. a major milestone tonight for a growing group of americans. >>> asleep in the tower. two jets needing to land in washington can't raise an air traffic controller, and now we know why. >>> and making a difference, for the struggling people of japan. nbc news with americans on a mission to provide critical relief. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. it has turned into a big military effort, bombs and cruise missiles have been raining down on libya, and it could get even bigger and the stakes are high. it's been a mostly u.s. run air campaign thus far, but tonight a change is coming. a hand-over to nato for the supervision of this strike. even though the pentagon warned libya today, quote, we will continue to hit you, the u.s. is anxious to shift some of this to somebody else. and just as there have been new a
>>> this sunday, the allied strike against libya stretches into its second week as the u.s. seeks to limit its role. >> responsibility for this operation is being transferred from the united states to our nato allies and partners. >> but as criticism from congress mounts, many questions remain. what happens if gadhafi clings to power? what are the limits of the u.s.'s role if a civil war gets worse? and how does a military campaign relate to our overall strategy in the mideast? this morning, a special joint interview, with us, the secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense robert gates. >>> then -- the president faces critics from both sides of the aisle. did he overstep his constitutional authority by using force without consulting congress. my interview this morning with republican from indiana senator richard lugar. >>> finally, analysis of the administration's handling of the crisis in libya is our fragile economic recovery continues and our military is stretched thin by two other wars, did the president make the case to the american people that libya is worth
, 2011. we begin with breaking news out of the district. a u.s. park police officer on a motorcycle has been struck by a car. it happened on i-395 near seventh street behind lafont plaza. let's look live at a traffic camera from that area. the officer was being flown to the hospital and is critically injured. we're joined by phone with the latest. >> all lanes are blocked. not far from lafont plaza. we do have several vehicles involved in a motor vehicle collision. it is what we call a priority one, which is serious. the injuries don't appear to be life threatening, but they are serious. and as you said, the medevac helicopter just departed moments ago for a nearby trauma center. >> can you tell us what caused this accident. did a career e rear-end the motorcycle? >> people are looking into the circumstances how it did occur. but right now all lanes are closed. we got the call about 15 minutes ago. it's a developing scene for the most part. but all lanes are -- i can tell you that there are several other vehicles involved. i don't know how they all became involved. but they don't seem t
been pushed back by government forces. >>> and while the u.s. tries to figure out how to fight back in libya, the prices of investigation had hitting here at home. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: concerned about escalating warfare in libya and more air attacks against libyan civilians in what looks like a military comeback by moammar gadhafi, president obama reminded libyan generals they could be tried for war crimes. >> i want to send a very clear message to those who are around colonel gadhafi. it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward and they will be held accountable. >> reporter: mr. obama face two choices. does he set up a no-fly zone over libya? arab states say do it, but team obama is cautious. >> any action should be the result of an international sanction. >> reporter: do something to help now argued a bush administration administration veteran. >> and you could provide covertly anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons to the rebels so they could impose their own fly zone. >> obama choice number two, with gasoline prices averaging $3.50 a gallon and risi
new information for commuters. >>> right now u.s. navy war ships are moving closer to the coast of libya. the u.s. and its allies. >> charlie sheen isn't going away any time soon. where he suddenly showed up late last night and what his two live in girlfriends say about their lives together. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. while you were sleeping the temperatures inside took a dramatic drop. inside where? inside the d.c. area, i guess. inside the beltway. we're taking a live look outside right now. 37 degrees at 6:00. >> it feels even colder, tom. >> we got a wind coming out of the north and west. partly cloudy. over washington quite a bit of sunshine today but that's not going help us out much unfortunately. look now, it's just near freezing in washington. and in the nearby suburbs of prince george's, article, fairfax and montgomery counties, right near the bay it is a little bit warmer but not much. just in the mid-30s there. i want has dipped into the 20s in the mountains. a within coming out of the north and west gusting 20 miles per hour. wind chills are in th
of the replacement team >>> on the broadcast tonight, sending weapons. tonight the prospect of u.s. weapons in the hands of libya's rebel forces. the president says he won't rule it out, so our own richard engel goes inside those rebel forces for a closer look. >>> radiation fears. the nuclear crisis in japan has a lot of people asking could it happen here, and would warning systems work if it did? >>> price check. a new drug to help prevent premature babies, but at what cost for those who need it? >>> and the close call for an american president 30 years ago tonight. what we didn't know until now. >>> also here tonight, the first-ever view of a neighbor of ours. "nightly news" begins now. ightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. right about now during these past few days across our country, people are watching this unfolding situation in libya. the rebels versus gadhafi. americans have heard president obama defending the u.s. air campaign he ordered, sending our service members to fight a third concurrent conflict far from home. in our conver
of a crowd of supporters in tripoli, vowing to be victorious in the end. the u.s. lost a jet there today, an older fighter jet, mechanical failure, they say, and not a shootdown. both pilots are okay. but it could have ended much differently. and in the beginning stages still of this so far u.s.-led attack, a lot of people are wondering how this ends. we begin tonight with our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. jim, good evening? >> reporter: good evening. for american air crews, this is about as tense as it gets. it took more than 12 hours to safely recover both of the downed airmen. what's left of the american fighter jet was scattered across the libyan desert. the air force f-15 was on a bombing mission when it developed engine trouble. the two americans ejected as the plane went down. the pilot was located not far from the wreckage, and he was flown to safety. in the process, marine officials say one of the jets dropped two bombs. another may have sprayed the area with gunfire. six civilians were wounded but surprisingly bore no grudge against the americans. >> translator: if t
is in afghanistan making a surprise visit overnight. for the next two days he'll visit with u.s. troops in the south and east where the taliban insurgency is strongest. he'll also meet with the president of afghanistan. this is gates' 13th trip to the country. he was last there in december. u.s. troops are set to begin withdrawal in july. >>> the crisis in libya is intensifying with battles over territory. opposition forces are trying to take control over cities surrounding the capital of tripoli. forces loyal to long-time leader moammar gadhafi are fighting back with heavy rounds of artillery, air strikes and gunfire. meanwhile, tens of thousands of people are escaping the violence and setting up a refugee camp across the border in tunisia. >>> violence in the middle east is costing up the price of oil production. this morning the u.s. is considering tapping into emergency oil reserves in response to oil gas prices. the u.s. has 727 million barrels of oil stored underground along the gulf coast. oil prices rising above $106 a barrel today in asia. >>> while you slept gas prices spiked again in the
the u.s. action in libya. >>> good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim handly. president obama addresses the nation tonight on the latest in libya, and his main message will be reassurance that the u.s. role will be limited. but the president is under pressure to justify his intervention there, and to spell out just how soon u.s. forces can disengage. steve handelsman has the latest on the speech and the war from the white house. >> reporter: president obama today on univision, spanish language tv, previewed what he'll promise the nation about libya. >> our involvement there is going to be limited. both in time and in scope. >> reporter: that looks more likely today. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: libyan rebels are advancing, libyan civilians are safer. it's a dramatic turn-around because of the u.s. and our allies. moammar gadhafi's heavy weapons are being destroyed by coalition pilots. and the air attack that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato, an obama diplomatic win. but many in congress warn president obama not to send u.s. ground tr
on civilians. meanwhile, the u.s. is pulling back on the lead role in the air strikes. some arab leaders are questioning the true target. >> what is the purpose behind attacking forces on the ground? is it to degrade him? or to remove him? th they -- four "new york times" journalists are now free. they arrive -- they were turned over the turkish ambassador. they didn't have visas. >>> new this morning, some radiation from the damaged power plant in japan has reached the continental u.s. frp minuscule amounts were detected in seattle. it is lower than would be a health concern. right now, no action is needed it is coming from a power plant damaged in the tsunami. one of the victims has turned out to be a american taylor anderson may be the first u.s. citizen to die in the disaster. >>> right now, president obama is preparing for the final step on his latin america trip. they will leave chile and head to el salvador. while in chile, first lady, michelle obama toured the schools with with the first lady. she encouraged students to do their best and dream big. the first lady visited a scienc
. the cost of the price tag for the u.s. sky rocketed into the hundreds of millions of dollars. freeze the libyan leader made his first appearance, and said his forces will win in the short and long term. there are reports that sniders and tanks have begun targeting civilians. in the last strong hold in western libya. >>> president obama has cut short his trip to deal with the crisis in libya. the five-day tour was meant to improve u.s. relations with south america. >>> the nuclear crisis in japan is raising more fears this morning. owners of the crippled plant said gray smoke is coming from the third unit. it has been leaking since the massive earthquake it is now said that japan's tap water is not safe for infants. the u.s. is just announced it is banning food imports from the infected regions of japan. >>> there are report that it is u.s. is considering evacuating military service members on stationed in japan. sailors have been given potasz ium pills. >>> a new poll shows that d.c. voters give he and kwame brown low marks. kimberly? >> this is a poll, toppant lifts break it down th
, celebrations in libya. protesters retain control of a city near the capital. why the u.s. government is questioning the mental state of moammar gadhafi. >>> plus, treasury secretary timothy geithner's plan to fix the housing market. he's on capitol hill right now. >>> another young star is in trouble. why singer christina aguilera was taken into police custody. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this. now you can move up to fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year with no term contract required. [ mr. donovan ] we have more choices. so many more hi-def channels. with fios, i really feel like we're getting a great deal. [ male announcer ] call now and you'll get a special bonus: $100 back. but this is a limited time offer so don't wait. suddenly, hi-definition tv was really high-definition. the colors. the clarity. i didn't have that before. [ male announcer ] fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, with hd picture quality rated #1 by changewave resea
to he reclaim ground they had lost. >> that said, secretary gates, would the u.s. supply arms to the rebels? >> no decision has been made about that at this point. the security council resolution would permit it, the second resolution, 1973, would permit it. but no decisions have been made by our government about that. >> but does this administration want to see the rebels prevail and overtake gadhafi? >> i think the president's policy is that it's time for gadhafi to go. that's not part of our military mission, which has been very limited and very strictly defined. >> how is that going to happen? secretary clinton you said this week you thought you were picking up signals that he wanted to get out of his own accord. >> well, there are many different aspects to the strategy that the international community is pursuing. as bob has said, the military mission has gone very well. it only started just eight days ago so it has been remarkably well coordinated and focused and now nato will take command and control over it. at the same time, we are pursuing really strict economic sanc
to the nation he delivered last night, the dangers of u.s. military involvement while already fighting two other wars and the precedent this may set in other nations. and the fact that this may not go quite as the u.s. and nato have planned. notably as you're about to hear, the president left open the possibility of arming the rebels who are in the fight against gadhafi in libya. here now a portion of our conversation with the president at this time of high stakes overseas. the moment your speech ended last night, the associated press put out an item that read, president obama's speech was about defending the first war launched on his watch. how does it end? >> well, first of all, i think it's important to note that we've had two wars on my watch. one which we've wound down and we do not have combat operations in iraq any more. afghanistan is still a tough fight. that weighs heavily on me in making these decisions. but what was clear to me, we had a unique circumstance to save a lot of lives in this libyan situation. and that we had an international mandate to do it, and an international coaliti
are seeing demand increases, not only in the u.s. but throughout asia, africa and south america that are all contributing to higher crude oil price and consequently, higher gasoline prices at the pump. >> reporter: those higher gas prices came as many were starting to feel better about the economy, but now, the extra cash may be going right into the the tank. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: jason king spends $40 more a month on gas. >> pretty soon, i'm going to have to think about riding a bike or other means of transportation, definitely. >> reporter: in fact, those sky rocketing prices have some giving up the road for the rails. metro use in los angeles, up 10%. and across the country, commuters are using the latest technology, smartphone apps and social media, to find the cheapest gas, anything to save a buck. >> everybody i know is trying to carpool and fill the cars as much as possible. >> reporter: gas prices hit a high in february, but in the weeks ahead, spring when prices typically rise the most. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> as we mention ted top of the newscast,
. >>> the man suspected of leaking u.s. classified video and documents to wikileaks is in even more trouble this morning. the army filed # 22 new charges. the 23-year-old is being held in quantico. if convicted, he could face life in prison or even the death penalty. >>> new today, the man accused of shooting and killing two u.s. air men will be in court. president obama says he's outraged over the deadly shootings at an airport in germany. a 21-year-old man opened fire on a military bus outside the frapg further airport yesterday. two others were injured. officials say he's from kosovo. family members describe him as a devout ms. luslim. >>> the man who assassinateded robert f. kennedy has been denied parole once again. a board member said he was, quote, not responsive, very impulsive in his actions and needs more work. the panel recommend he get help for his anger management problems, as well. he's eligible again in five years. >>> a northern have a are a teacher will appear in court on child pornography charges. kevin ricks was charged last july with possessing and transporting child por
negotiations announced here in the united states by secretary of state hillary clinton. she says now the u.s. can begin to reduce its participation in this operation. the u.s. has flown 70% of those flights so far, and already, she says, we're seeing fewer american planes in the skies over libya. the u.s., however, jointly with britain and france, will still be responsible for some of the toughest parts of the mission. lynn. >> tracie potts for us in washington, thank you. >>> well, the federal aviation administration says it has suspend an air traffic control supervise after he fell asleep on duty forcing two passenger planes to land at reagan international airport without any distance. kristin dahlgren has more on a story that raised questions about who is minding the runways? >> reporter: final approach to reagan inter national airport. the american airlines flight from miami gets no response. >> the pilot gets over the loud speaker and says, sorry, folks, we can't land right now. >> reporter: even a nearby operations center can't raise reagan's tower. >> tried to call on landline and on
that the aim of the u.s. is not to take gadhafi out of power, although he has said that gadhafi needs to go, but that the purpose of this particular mission is to back the united nations, to support them in protecting the libyan people and the rebels who are under attack. also, we should note that those four "new york times" journalists who had been captured and were under libyan control for six days have now been freed. they have crossed over into turkey to tell their harrowing story. lynn. >> tracie potts for us in washington, as always, thank you. >>> elsewhere, as japanese workers race to restore electricity to their crippled nuclear plant, there are new concerns this morning over contaminated food and water. traces of contamination are tracing vegetables around the plant. in amounts the government and health experts say do not pose a risk to human health. meanwhile, a virginia couple is mourning the death of their daughter after learning that her body was found in the tsunami wreckage in japan where she had had teaching english. taylor anderson is the first american victim confirmed in
reopen the tunnel in time for the brunt of rush hour. >> thank you very much. >>> now the u.s. military is moving naval and air forces closer to libya as the crisis there intensifies. despite the positions the pentagon said u.s. officials have not decided if or how the military will intervene. the uss enterprise is one of two aircraft carriers in the region. u.s. and european allies stepped up travel and financial sanctions against libyan leader moammar gadhafi and his loyalists. foreign leaders want the dictator to stop attacks against protesters and step down after his 42 years in power. >>> now new this hour egypt just delayed the reopening of its stock exchange. latest of several days in the last month since protests led to hosni mubarak stepping down. a new reopening is scheduled for march 6th. >>> 5:04. to the shutdown showdown on capitol hill. today the u.s. house plans to vote on a two week extension to keep the government working while lawmakers battle the bigger budget for the rest the year. under the republican proposal, federal agencies would be fund through march 18th while
obama prepares to make the case for sending the u.s. military to work in libya. >>> walmart and women, a case headed to thsupreme court this week that could impact all women in the u.s. workforce. >>> and making a difference, so kids of active duty americans don't have to put their favorite sport on ice. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. tonight as japan deals with a simmering and some say worsening crisis over nuclear radiation, it's some measure of how big it is when you consider the following. trace amounts of radiation have now been detected in the air and in the rain as far east in this country as pittsburgh, p.a. and the commonwealth of massachusetts. and even though it's a minute, neglible amount being detected, the health commissioner in massachusetts felt the need to reassure people nonetheless. >> i want to emphasize that the sampling results indicate no risk to the state drinking water supplies. the drinking water supply in massachusetts is unaffected by this short-term slight elevation in radiation. >> and now to the
>>> right now, 5:59, more air strikes in lib ya, coalition forces expand the mission. how the u.s. role in the attacks is changing. >> police are looking for a gunman that killed a 41-year-old man as he walked home from work. >> a live look outside. march 22nd, a warm start today. already 57 degrees. right at 6:00. >> it is march, changes on the way. 70 degrees after a start near 40 yesterday morning. we will have big changes moving in. it is good morning moon. there it is, western sky. live view. the clouds, in and out, we played peek-a-boo with the moon. and mid 50s, it is near 60, farther south from fredericksburg, and culpeper. many locations in the mid 40s there, as well as northern west virginia. there is a boundary with showers and thundershowers from wisconsin down to central virginia. one of those boundaries there could be showers and thundershowers, here, we will stay dry. a partly sunny day. the partly sunny sky over capitol hill. through the morning, up around 60 by mid afternoon. unlike yesterday, it will be partly sunny, and light northwesterly breezes. we will show
of the job that mayor vincent gray is doing. >> now, increased radiation is detected along the u.s. coast line. >> welcome to news 4 today it is wednesday, march 23rd. a live look outside this morning, a few clouds. not very chilly. you can expect some rain. >> get all the details from tom kierein. >> a few light showers to the north of washington since 11:00, 12:00 last night. now, this morning, radar is showing a few showers along the pennsylvania border into northeastern maryland. getting a few sprinkles in western maryland. and in the 40s in most of the region. 46 at reagan national. and rural areas of virginia. culpeper now near 50. even a bit warmer south and west of there. in the 60s now in parts of kentucky. southern indiana and tennessee. some of that milder air will try to make it in here later today. a lot of cloudiness and passing showers. then, by late afternoon, likely will have some showers and thunderstorms, some of the heavier downpours, some of the late afternoon into the evening it when it should occur. we should make it to 60. and a look at night planner in minutes. >>
church. they say horrible things at the funerals of u.s. military. is that free speech? there was a big supreme court ruling today. >>> fighting back. gadhafi's fierce new pushback against his own people as other dictators fall, how does he survive? >>> whose side are you on in the showdown over unions and collective bargaining? tonight we'll show you what people say in our new poll. the secret lives of animals. did you ever wonder what they're all up to when nobody's watching? now we know. and the surprise appearance today to unveil the next big thing. "nightly news" begins now. we know. we know. a surprise captions paid for by nbc-universal television unve next big thing. nightly news begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. they go to the funerals of americans who have been killed in action in iraq and afghanistan and they hold up signs saying things like, thank god for dead soldiers. god hates you and it's too late to pray, and they do this in the name of religion. of course, what they do is an insult to religion. they are the members of the westbo
second-guessed on capitol hill. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: as the u.s. role in the libyan air war gets smaller and nato gets set to take over command, moammar gadhafi is not giving up or getting out. his forces today counterattacked, pushing libyan rebels back, targeting civilians in rebel-held towns. >> gadhafi is using snipers to shoot people down and let them bleed to death in the street. >> reporter: at secretary of state clinton's meeting today was qatar's prime minister. >> we ask gadhafi to leave and not cause any more bloodshed. >> reporter: but so far it's the libyan leader's call and he says no. >> i'm not sure that we know exactly when we will get to any change in attitude by gadhafi. >> reporter: last night president obama ruled out using u.s. ground troops. >> if we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. >> reporter: but capitol hill is splintered. >> forcing gadhafi to leave power, i disagree with the president saying that the use of force should be ruled out. >> reporter: if gadhafi hangs on, what will that say about
, husband number six, u.s. senator, john warner. >> heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> reporter: but it was her romance to richard burton whom she first married in 1974 and then again in 1985, that created a media frenzy. >> they were trail blazers for the paparazzi. there had never been anything like. that never stars that big. never a romance that famous and public and scandalous. >> reporter: in 2009, she privately mourned the passing of one of her best friends, michael jackson. in her later years, it was her charity work for aids research that she says kept her going. just days after celebrating her 79th birthday in february, taylor was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. she will be remembered for her beauty, generosity and grace. a private family funeral will be held later this week. the family asked that in lew of flowers, donations be made to the elizabeth taylor aids foundation. in los angeles, news4. >> elizabeth taylor had a major connection to the washington area. she married former virginia senator john warner back in 1976
gadhafi has agreed to chavez's offer. >>> the man suspected of leaking classified u.s. video and documents to wikileaks is in even more trouble this morning. the army filed 22 new charges against private bradley manning, including aiding the enemy. he's being held in quantity itiit i quantico. he could face the death penalty if convicted. >>> the man accused of shooting two u.s. air men will be in court. president obama is outraged at the deadly shootings. a 21-year-old man opened fire on a military bus outside the frankfurt airport yesterday. two other u.s. air men were injured. officials say the 21-year-old is from kosovo. family members describe him as a devout muslim. president obama promised the u.s. will spare no effort to ensure just citiice is served. >>> the man who assassinated kennedy will remain in prison. he was denied parole for the 14th time yesterday. he's currently serving at a state prison in california. a board member told sirhan he was, quote, not responsive, very impulsive and needs more work. the panel recommended he get help for his anger management problems, as well
and killing two u.s. air men at an airport in germany had been in court. prosecutors say the attack appears to be motivated by islamic extremism. two other u.s. air men were hurt. the gunman is described as a 21-year-old devomuvout muslim m kosovo. >>> raymond allen davis is charged with killing two pakistani men. he says they were trying to rob him and that he actsed it in self-defense. the next court hearing is set for next week. >>> also new this morning, the man charged with leaking classified u.s. documents to wikileaks is in even more trouble this morning. private bradley manning is now facing 22 new charges. the 23-year-old is being held at the marine corps base in quantico. if convicted, he could face life in prison or even perhaps the death penalty. >>> and in the day ahead wrks she learn what will happen for those responsible making the raucous videos broadcast on a navy ship. the navy is expected to release the findings of it investigations into the incident. they were seen on the "uss enterprise" between 2005 and 2007. the videos were produced by and featured the second in dema
of the injure suffered serious injuries and another suffered light injuries. the u.s. air force in britain said the two dead airmen were based in the united kingdom. that no other details will be released until after notification of next of kin. >>> now to the latest situation in libya. rebels there appear to have repelled an talk at an oil installation. forces loyal to libya's leader moammar gadhafi initially recaptured the port in a raid earlier this morning. but after several hours of fighting, a wave of civilian militias drove out gadhafi's forces. all that according to an associated press reporter on the scene. in the meantime, colonel gadhafi warned that thousands of libyan there's die if u.s. and nato forces intervene in the conflict there. and united nations official say nearly 200,000 people have fled across the bored entire tunisia in order to escape the violence in will you be i can't. >> a young virginia mother pregnant with her second child is still missing tonight. bethany decker vanished from her home in ashburn over a month ago. now police have spoken to her husband who is servi
. there was a fierce gunfight outside achb oil facility much rebels control most of the east of that country. the u.s. senate condemned the gross and systematic violations of human rights' demand gadhafi leave office. two u.s. war ships have entered the suez canal moving closer to the libyan kift. >>> break news from overseas. three gunmen attacked and killed an important pakistani leader. pakistan's government minister for rngs minorities was on his way to work in the capital of islamabad when the attack occurred. these are new pictures just in of his bullet riddled car. he was part of pakistan's christian community and urged reform of the country's harsh blasphemy laws. those laws call for the death penalty for insulting islam. the governor of the punjai province was killed by his own body st. guard for posing the same laws. >>> new from overnight a teen stabbed on a metrobus in pomeroy road in southeast. tracee wilkins is live with what she knows so far. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. metro transit police will be handling had investigation. here's what we know so far. this all happened o
's what happened to the other u.s. airman that might have caused a friendly fire tragedy. commanders say the usf-15 e suffered a mechanical failure. the airmen ejected. but as they were rescued came the reported bloodshed described by libyans to western reporters. flying at least one osprey like this, a u.s. rescue team reportedly fired on friendly libyan rebels who were near one of the u.s. pilots. six libyans reportedly died. u.s. commanders investigating the crash promised to investigate the reported deaths. in el salvador this afternoon, president obama said many more u.s. forces would have died if if the forces did not intervene. >> i want to emphasize to the american people, because of the extraordinary capabilities and valor of our men and women in uniform, we have already saved lives. >> reporter: meanwhile, allied air raids continue. two arab nations, say they're sending jets to the, a force. but ground troops are still advancing on the strongholds. >> the blood of americans is on gadhafi's hands. he should be removed from power. >> reporter: could libya's rebels pose a threat t
: as the u.s. role in the libyan air force gets smaller and nato gets set to take over command, moammar gadhafi is not giving up or getting out. his forces counter attack, pushing rebel forces back. >> gadhafi is using snipers to shoot people down and let them bleed to death in the street. >> reporter: at secretary of state clintons's meeting in london, topic one was the dictator. >> we edge gadhafi and his people to leave and not to cause any more bloodshed. >> reporter: but so far, it's the libyan leader's call and he says no. >> i'm not sure that we know exactly when we will get to any change in attitude by gadhafi. >> reporter: president obama told brian williams, economic and diplomatic pressure could force gadhafi out. >> our expectation is that as we continue to apply steady pressure not only militarily but through other means that gadhafi will ultimately step down. >> reporter: president obama ruled out using u.s. ground troops, but capitol hill is splintered. >> forcing gadhafi to leave power, i disagree with the president saying that the use of force should be ruled out. >> re
. >> and an fbi agent missing for years, found >>> this morning, u.s. officials say they have proof that a retired fbi agent that disappeared in iran is alive. robert levinson disappeared while working as a private investigator. they believe he is being held in southwest asia. iran has denied knowing what happened to him. >>> a maryland accused of being a u.s. spy in cuba. allen gross was arrested in 2009. u.s. said gross was providing internet access to jewish groups and didn't commit a crime. >>> muammar gadhafi launched air strikes, fighter jets bombed rebels there yesterday, and killed 14. rebels celebrated overnight after taking control of a key road. >>> it is 4:46, the nonstop rising gas prices. fighting in libya and the middle east are attributing to the price hike. $3.42 for a gallon of unleaded. maryland drivers are paying $3.40. and rising prices are forcing airlines to go sky high. jet prices are over $3 a gallon. delta airline system one of the first airlines added $20 to domestic round trip tickets. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords, singing "american pie" with her family. she is g
a tsunami. >>> nato agreed to take command over the no-fly zone over the country. the u.s. along with britain and france will continue attacks on ground targets. nato could take over full operations, several have raised resistance, including the only muslim nation, turkey. at the same time, congress is pressuring the obama administration for the goals of the presence in lib yampt hillary rodham clinton said it has neutralized the libyan air force. >> we will tell you when we could get snow. >> and a dramatic scene where blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack. >>> not the scene you want to wake up to. a landslide in northwest washington state caused two homes to partially collapse. heavy rain triggered that landslide in everitt. two of the collapsed homes have been red tagged and declared unsafe to enter. nobody got hurt as a result of the landslide. >> tom is here to talk about the forecast for today. >> unusually cold for the end of march. right now, below freezing in many locat
, saying even though the u.s. wasn't in imminent danger, our interest and value, but the attacks stopped short of trying to get moammar gadhafi out. >> if we try to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. we would likely to to put u.s. troops on the ground. >> reporter: not an option, the president said. instead, secretary of state hillary clinton is in london today meeting with countries who want to see a new government in libya. their aim? pressure gadhafi to step down on his own. >> he tied up the financial assets of $33 billion. he got an embargo. he's getting weaker all the time. >> reporter: those on capitol hill say the president should have consulted congress fist. you have to be careful. >> reporter: todmorrow, the u.s takes the back seat. now, bahrain, syria, yemen, the president says wherever people want to be free, they'll find a friend in the united states. veronica. >> tracie potts in washington, thank you. >> tonight on nbc nightly news brian rill yams will discuss president obama and hesitate fight in libya. >>> the nuclear disaster in japan keeps gettin
. >> the extensive damage in japan is having an affect on car production here in the u.s. toyota is the hate e. automaker to announce that work may stop at some of its north american plants due to parts shortages. toyota is unsure which factories will shut down or for how long, but says the impact will be limited because a majority of parts for north america production come from suppliers here. >>> u.s. military officials say the coalition air strikes in will i be have effectively grounded gadhafi air forces. no libyan planeses have been detected in the air for the past 24 hours. a fuel depot was also hit. the air strikes have also started driving gadhafi's ground forces back to misrata. congressional leaders have started on question the u.s. mission in libya and want clearances about a time frame to hand over leadership of the efforts. >>> and air strikes near libya's oilfields have caused the price of oil to sky rocket to its highest level in more than two years. u.s. crude futures hit $102 ending above $100 for the first time since september of 2008. that has prices on the increase once aga
, the change of command allows the u.s. to take a lower profile, at a time president obama is facing criticism about the decision to intervene in the first place. tomorrow, he will defend that decision in an early evening address to the american people. we'll begin our coverage in benghazi with richard engel. what's the latest in there? >> reporter: good evening, lester. rebels made rapid advances. mostly they followed a path of destruction created by western air strikes. there was no resistance. western air strikes have been more devastating than the rebels expected, obliterating dozens of gadhafi tanks and armored personnel carriers. craters show how strong the air strikes were in. some of the tanks were even melted. air strikes opened a corridor the rebels are simply driving through, meeting no resistance. roads that were controlled by gadhafi's trooped only yesterday are now crowded with civilians returning home. rebels direct traffic and take away tanks that can be salvaged. in this town seized by rebels today and where on gadhafi's anti-aircraft guns, we saw signs that gadhafi's forces b
u.s. attorney needs to get involved. on sunday, sulaimon brown, at the center of this political scandal, stepped up his attacks on vincent gray, saying the public should know gray is a crook. >> they need to know that mayor vincent gray is an organized criminal. he's a -- if he was -- if it was in the case of a mob, it would be racketeering. >> reporter: brown, a minor candidate for mayor last year, alleged in the "washington post" story sunday that campaign aides gave him cash to attack then mayor adrian fenty. >> reporter: sulaimon brown is calling you an organized crime figure. >> is he? >> reporter: yes, he said you were -- as an organized criminal. >> i see. >> reporter: mayor gray, who denies any wrongdoing, declined on monday to respond to brown's latest accusation. but gray on sunday called for an investigation by the city attorney general and the d.c. council. the council has since sent the matter to the independent inspector general, charles will bee. >> we indicated yesterday we were fine with wherever it was referred. we suggested the inspector general. >> reporter:
obama says the u.s. will soon give up leadership of these allied assaults. steve handelsman joins us live from capitol hill with more on this. >> reporter: as american bombs and missiles rained down on libya, congress here on the hill is in recess. not a player, not active so far in this new u.s. war. but lawmakers have a lot of questions. is it good for americans, for our nation, to side with one group of libyans? last week, they looked doomed, but libyan rebels in their eastern stronghold of benghazi today have new hope. thanks to american f-15 pilots, and british pilots, french pilots and their mirages. they're hammering moammar gadhafi's forces again today. a coordinated attack that president obama promised today in chile will not be led by the u.s. for long. >> there's going to be a transition taking place, in which we have a range of coalition partners, the europeans, members of the arab league, who will then be participating and establishing a no-fly zone. >> reporter: but commanders say that transition would be complex. >> it's not so simple as just having a handshake somepla
that's what worked best for the u.s. and for the egyptians in the egyptian crisis. and that's one more reason why he is resisting pressure to establish a u.s. military no fly zone now over libya to protect libyans, even though there's more reason today to consider that. >> colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. >> reporter: president obama toughened his rhetoric after the escalation in libya. for a second day, moammar gadhafi's war planes launched attacks. near libyan rebel forces who were holding an oil region west of tripoli, the capital. no word on what, if anything, the libyan jets hit, but the fighter attack had to be ordered by the libyan strongman. >> the violence must stop. moammar gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead, and he must leave. those who perpetrate violence against the libyan people will be held accountable. >> reporter: president obama today ordered u.s. military aircraft to help evacuate foreigners from libya. but he has not ordered u.s. war planes to attack libyan war planes that take off. grounding gadhafi's air force with a no fly zone. two senat
as unconstitutional. the battle over the law is expected to reach the u.s. supreme court. >>> today u.s. and british officials are applauding a high-level defection from moammar gadhafi's regime. they say it's a sign the regime is crumbling from within, but the news comes on another day of setbacks for the opposition. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: again today, libyan rebels were in retreat. firing on government forces with what little they've got. but taking fire and taking flight. the rebels were moving away from tripoli. moammar gadhafi's regaining ground, but he's lost something that might matter more. libyan foreign minister, mus musa kusa defected to britain, his right-hand man, some say orchestrated the lockerbie bombing. >> the point is, the pressure on gadhafi is intense, the people around him are realizing that their days -- the days of this regime are numbered. >> reporter: it's a validation of the obama coalition plan to destroy gadhafi's deadliest weapons. this was a belgian f-16 attack yesterday. and tip the balance to the rebels, without sending in u.s. ground forces. >> the r
facility. right now rebels control most of the country. two u.s. war ships are moving into that area as the unrest intensifies. >> office overnight three gunmen killed a high-profile pakistani leader. pakistan's government minister for religious minorities was on his way to work in the capital of islamabad. he was part of pakistan's christian community and urged reform over the country's harsh blasphemy laws. those laws call for the death penalty for insulting islam. >>> 5:01. new from overnight a teenager stabbed on a metrobus. it happened on pomeroy road in southeast. news four tracee wilkins is live with what we've learned so far. good morning? >> reporter: good morning. we still have very few details about what happened here last night. this happened about 11:15 last night in the 2300 block of pomeroy road here in southeast. a group of people got off the bus here and then a teenage boy followed behind them walked up to the bus driver and said he had been stabbed in the abdomen. metro said this happened on the w6 route. the boy is at gw hospital in stable condition. metro official
that town was on the vernal of a massacre that u.s. could not wait another day to strike libyan regime forces. nato is said to take over operations in libya tomorrow. president obama said that u.s. will continue to support efforts to protect the people of libya. the president said that the u.s. could not turn a blind eye to what was happening in lib ya, but that our involvement would be different than in iraq. this time, president obama said he would not put troops on the ground. >> to be blunt, we went down that road in iraq. thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our troops and the determination of our diplomats, we are hopeful about iraq's future. but regime change there took eight years, thousands of american and iraq lives and a trillion dollars that is not something we can afford to repeat in libya. >> the president will be sitting down for interviewos three major networks including nbc. back to you in the studio. >>> 5:06, a wake will be held for geraldine ferraro today and tomorrow. her funeral is thursday. she was the first woman to run for vice president when walter mondal
for muammar gadhafi. we just learned that u.s. fighter jets attacked three libyan vessels after that opened fire on merchant ships. >>> kimberly joins us with what president told americans in his address. >> president obama said that town was on the verge of a massacre and the u.s. could not wait another day to strike libyan regime forces. in that televised address last night, president obama spoke at the national defense university at fort mcnair in washington. nato is expected to take over operations tomorrow. the u.s. will continue to support efforts to help the libyan people. the country could not turn a blind eye on the people. he said our involvement would be different than what occurred in iraq. he would not put american troops on the ground. >> to be blunt, we went down that road in iraq. thanks to the sacrifice of our troops, and diplomats, we are hopeful about iraq's future. regime change took eight years and nearly a trillion dollars. that is not something we can afford to repeat in libya. >> the president is not finished making his case, today, he will be sitting down with inter
it's been detected in 15 states across the u.s., all the way from the west coast to the east, and all the while we've been told these are minute, trace amounts that pose no harm to any of us. but now the epa says traces of radiation have been found in milk. again, they say, far below levels of public health concern, but that won't stop some public concern. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's tom costello in washington. tom, good evening. >> reporter: hi, brian. the u.s. has already halted imports of dairy products and produce from japan, but radiation travels in the air, it falls on pastures and meadows and it appears to have been consumed already by american cows. 4700 miles from the nuclear disaster in japan, the faintest hints of radiation have now turned up in america's milk supply. trace amounts of radioactive iodine 131 found in samples taken from california on march 28th and washington state on march 25th. but levels so low the epa says a sample taken from spokane would have to be 5,000 times higher to reach levels at which the fda would intervene. >> for parents out there,
results have not been released. >> how the tragedy in japan could end up bringing jobs to the u.s. >> and changes you may see coming to the snack counter at coming to the snack counter at your local movie theater. i can't say enough about them. i can go in, get the things i need, and i know i'm saving money. why would i shop anywhere else? at giant, we want to thank you for making us the store you love to shop for over 75 years. this week, look for savings in every aisle, just for you. like super g boneless chicken breasts, $1.99 a pound. and pepsi 2-liters, just 10 for $10. i pay for my groceries, and i look at the bottom of the receipt, i'm like, "yes! i did it!" that works for me. more savings every time you shop, with your giant card. >>> a land slide in northwest washington state caused two homes to partially collapse. heavy rain triggered the landslide in everett everyit. north of seattle. multiple homes have been damaged. two of the homes have been red tagged. unsafe to sbrmpt nobody was hurt because of the landslides. >> maryland's public service commission wants to look a
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